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A Girl In Her Xmas Dress

A Boy And His Slingshot

Coming Back At You

Rewind Scrubbing December

kitty broke the back windshield of the minivan backing out of the drive way because the rabbits got out in the garage the kids had them trapped in the corner those damn rabbits kept hiding under the minivan so the…


Though my 7 year old son is always saying funny stuff, this is his first, official joke: Q: What is a baby’s favorite constellation? A: The Big Diaper


So it occurred to me tonight that my Typo Blog Subtitle section is the perfect place to showcase quotes from my two children. . . i didn’t know childs could be so smart this is funky and peaceful fly like…

Interview With Chaz Sharp

I blame all of this on potatoes. In particular, those tiny, delicious potatoes sold by the Nufer’s at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. Because of my devotion to these potatoes, my wife and I started to get to know…