Dead Grass vs The Minutemen

Dead Grass vs The Minutemen

In this corner, here’s one of my favorite bands, The Minutemen, performing their song “Cut,” live, circa 1984:

And in the other corner, here’s a version of “Cut” by Dead Grass, a band I played guitar in for 1 gig circa 1987.

John Reigert sent this mp3 to me today. I’m sure we were playing on his band’s equipmant that night. In his email he said:

4/25/87 at Shep Fairey’s old place on Legare…right around the corner from your folk’s house.
i think that’s tyler crockett talking at the outset…
but not sure.

Pretty hilarious. And, as I listen back to Dead Grass, I have to say, we were pretty faithful to the original. Sure, we didn’t have the muscle of the mighty Minutemen. Not by a long shot. But we obviously had been listening closely to the original version from Buzz Or Howl Under the Influence of Heat and our love and respect for D. Boon and Co. shows through. Especially Ballard Leseman on the thunder broom.

So, thank you John for the mp3 and thank you Facebook for getting me and John back in touch.

And thank you Minutemen for the music.