Halloween Fashion Recap

Halloween Fashion Recap

So, the above email made the rounds in our family. Oh the shame, the shame of not designing and creating a costume by hand! Yes, some people just go all out for Halloween. And felt. Us? Not so much. Creative? I’d say yes, we are. But we ain’t in the stitch-it-by-hand mode, these days. I’d say we are in a get-creative-with-what’s-in-the-closet mode.

This year Halloween actually was a fairly simple production. First of all it was only a one night celebration. Not the week long extravaganza of years before. Yes, there was a Halloween dance. But other than that my kids were in costumes yesterday and that was it.

And what were those costumes? And how invloved were they?

First off, the teen:

Wearing a white button down, a reverseable boy scouts badge vest (reversed), a fez, fake mustache, glasses, and a mini, clip on shrine tie, the teen was, for the second year, a Shriner.

Secondly, the tween:

Sporting Sock Monkey socks, a Sock Monkey tobogon, a vintage blouse and striped skirt that “would look good on a Sock Monkey,” the tween was, you guesssed it, a Sock Monkey. Actually I’d say more a tribute-to-a-Sock-Monkey. Cute, either way you put it.

Thirdly, the baby:

Store bought pumpkin outfit. It was warm. And also cute.

As for trick or treating, we met up with friends and hit Hillcrest, primarily Midland and Ridgeway, where all the Hallowen action is. Said friends were dressed as a Pimp and a Pea.

My favorite quote from the night came at the end or our adventure whereupon the teen said, “And then the Shriner, the Pimp, and the Pea parted ways.”

The end.