Rewind Scrubbing December

kitty broke the back windshield of the minivan backing out of the drive way because the rabbits got out in the garage the kids had them trapped in the corner those damn rabbits kept hiding under the minivan so the only way to catch them was to get the minivan out of the garage without the rabbits scurrying out the open garage door so she told the kids to keep the rabbits cornered and she opened the automatic door and she was keeping an eye on the kids who had the rabbits cornered and didn’t notice that the garage door wasn’t all the way up yet and she backed into the door and smash went all the gray tinted glass and those rabbits aren’t even ours we’ve been watching them for 6 weeks for some friends who are out of the country

but i’ll get into that later because kitty was in Guatemala for new years eve her cousin got married in Antigua and the Buena Vista Social Club played the reception because they are exiled in Guatemala and hopefully someone in the wedding party took pictures because she didn’t have a camera but her weekend in Guatemala was incredible the wedding was in the ruins of an old church with votive candles everywhere and a man with a ram’s horn played before the bride entered the chapel and little children from the town kept wandering in and out and a hawk flew into the chapel as well and did I mention the Buena Vista Social Club played the reception and everyone danced and then on new years eve everyone was the roof of an old hotel watching fireworks explode in the sky in the distance was a volcano the next morning there was a small earthquake and kitty flew to and from the country in a private jet where everyone got a copy of the NYTimes and she took a nap on a leather couch and the kids and I had a busy weekend even though it rained for two days straight we went to the Discovery Museum and ate lunch at The Flying Fish and went to see “Night at the Museum” which Harrison said was the greatest movie of all time and we also rented “Ant Bully” and took Lucky to Rocket Park and played Go Fish and made some cards and filled up rubber gloves with water and made rubber glove pets because we were desperate for something to do that day and it was rainy and cold outside and the rubber glove pets took up about 4 hours of our day Harrison made a home for his pet out of an ice bucket and that just goes to show that sometimes you never know what will be entertaining especially since we had such a big Christmas with all kinds of flashing, dinging, chirping electronic toys like iDogs that in actuality are very noisy and annoying but Harrison and Helen loved them and wanted them to go everywhere with us and set them up in front of the speakers of the stereo where they barked and whirred and were louder than the music on the stereo that they were supposedly enjoying and harrison and helen also loved their new plush pokemon toys and the iKea igloo tent that Lucky slept in on Christmas eve with all the toys and Helen got a Hello kitty tape recorder with a microphone that she kept singing into very loudly until we had to take out the batteries and i got some video of that to share soon and Helen said “This is the greatest day of my whole life” and we had Christmas eve dinner at Fred and Helen’s with Megan, Blake, Auntie, Thomas, GE, and Gran and everyone read a saying that Auntie found and placed in ornaments at everyone’s place at the table which were our decorations this year instead of having poppers and tissue crowns and now that I look back the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are a total blur because we were super busy at work but I do remember Harrison’s Christmas pageant being incredible great but also kind of long and then feeling rushed about getting back to work but having to ride with the family and then having to circle the block because someone in the car wanted to see this chihuahua sitting on the front porch of a house and then I lost my favorite hat in New Orleans the first weekend in December but I forgot to mention the rabbits named Hazel and Sweet Fur who came to stay with us for 6 weeks and who live in a cage so we let them out in our backyard because their owner said they like to go for a “hop” but when we let them out to hop Sweet Fur hoped under the porch and we couldn’t get her out and so she slept outside for several days and we’d catch site of her in the yard and we’d try to catch her but she would run away and then one night I came home from work and Sweet Fur had escaped into the front yard and several children from the neighborhood were trying to catch her and one kid said that kitty had promised to pay him 10 dollars if he caught the rabbit and then Sweet Fur sprang from the bushes i ran back into the back yard i saw her spring through a tiny crack in the fence so I closed that opening with a piece of firewood and then noticed two cats in the backyard waiting for Sweet Fur so I scared them off but thought there is no way this rabbit will survive tonight so i thought about blocking the underside of the deck off with chicken wire and then cutting a hole in the deck to feed Sweet Fur and eventually catch her but then realized if we trapped Sweet Fur under the deck that way she’d definitely be a goner if a cat got under there so Sweet Fur lived under the deck for 3 whole cold weeks until she hopped into the garage one day but I forgot to mention I had this one moment where I had Sweet fur outside and she was in a bush and I had my flashlight trained on her and I said to myself you’ve got to grab her now whatever happens don’t let go this is your only chance and then I grabbed Sweet Fur and she screamed I didn’t know rabbits could scream but she screamed and that freaked me out so I let go and she ran back under the deck but no worries because she didn’t get eaten by cats though I will never agree to take care of anyone’s rabbits ever again and we also redid our front room so now I have a place to store all my records and books and we like to hang out in this room now and my trip to New Orleans was great I ate many po Boys and the Boondogs gig was terrific and there was a beautiful full moon up in the sky the night we drove back from Louisiana so you could see this big moon over the delta just like the song says and I also met a man who chopped off the ends of his fingers with a rotating saw and he had these prosthetic fingers he bought in a hotel in France because the prosthetic finger salesman met him in the hotel and these prosthetics were so real you would never have noticed them until his girlfriend said show them your fingers and he pulled them off and threw them in kitty’s lap and then told us the story of how he was working on a set for a casino and it was almost five and the next thing you know the tips of his three middle fingers were go and his favorite 2 songs were by the Ink Spots and Shellac and we stayed up late listening to records on my new turntable and telling stories and did you know that 2006 was the year of the dog and isn’t that great