Studio Recordings:

I played guitar on the following recordings, arranged below by release date.

  • Cover:On The Golden Precipice
    On The Golden Precipice electric guitar on “Jill,” “Runaround,” “With You,” and “Twice Supine.”
  • Cover:No Way Out
    https://trevorbates.bandcamp.com/album/no-way-out Electric guitar
  • Cover:Faded


    Electric gtr on “Been Away Too Long” & “Out of the Game”
  • Cover:Super Blood Wolf Moon
    Super Blood Wolf Moon by Urethra Heap
  • Cover:Urethra Heap
    Urethra Heap by Urethra Heap
  • Cover:Dim Dirty Yellow
  • Cover:Stange Mystery
    Strange Mystery by Drexel & The Spirit 13 Songs | MR081 | Release Date 2013 On his third independent release Drexel juxtaposes where he is now against the map of his life. Strange Mystery is more than an artistic progression. [...]
  • Cover:Fire Escape Promise
    Fire Escape Promise by Peter Searcy Electric gtr on “Rearview Mirror”
  • Cover:Take Shelter
    Take Shelter by Boondogs Take Shelter on Max Recordings 10 Songs | MR044 | Release Date 2008 The Boondogs abide. For almost a decade, the local pop-rock group’s been a study of persistence, releasing new albums about every other year [...]
  • Cover:A Thousand Ships
    Wyrick stars on A Thousand Ships as well as on Jim Mize’s excellent Release It to the Sky, which had several songs produced by Weinheimer. A Thousand Ships by Boondogs A Thousand Ships on Max Recordings 10 Songs | MR031 [...]
  • Cover:Release It To The Sky
    Everything is echoey and muffled, apart from the opening verse and the quality slide guitar interludes of Charles Wyrick, single accompanist in the one blues, “Closer to You”. By Robert R. Calder Fat Possum commonly means blues, but blues turn [...]
  • Cover:Blood Capsule
    Blood Capsule on Max Recordings Along the way, guitarist Charles Wyrick traipses effected lines around Isaac Alexander’s plaintive vocals. 10 Songs | MR026 | Release Date 2007 Little Rock’s, The Easys make music that is hard not to like. Genuine, [...]
  • Cover:American Weekend
    American Weekend by Stella – U.S. This record was originally recorded for the Beggars Banquet record label. Complications at Beggars saw the release delayed. Stella U.S. finally split with the label, only to endure a sadly typical two year legal [...]
  • Cover:Fever Dreams
    Fever Dreams by Boondogs Review by Stewart Mason [-] Little Rock dream pop duo the Boondogs will forever have a footnote in Internet music history: they were the first and only band offered a recording contract by garageband.com, one of [...]
  • Cover:The Secrets of Loveliness
    they’re just regular guys who make this incredible music. i really admire them. isaac is a great and clever songwriter and charles wyrick is a genius with a guitar. – DAN JOHNSON, THE CONTINGENCIES The Secrets of Loveliness on Towncraft [...]
  • Cover:Brainwasher
    Listen to Brainwasher on Grooveshark Review by Mario Mesquita Borges A composed excursion into rock & roll’s restless rhythms, Bare Jr.’s Brainwasher, the band’s second full-length, unveiled some traditional alternative pop/rock style approaches while remaining surprisingly in the midst of [...]
  • Cover:Ascension
    Ascension on iTunes Unsurprisingly, the best songs are the ones on which lead guitarist Charles Wyrick takes some of the spotlight away from Perkins, like on the tumbling “Word,” which features the album’s only real fist-pumper of a chorus, or [...]

Live Performances:

Julian Lennon – Lucy (live on US-TV/ 12/09)

Boondogs – Things You’ll Regret (live AETN Presents)

Music Videos:

Peter Searcy – Losing Light Fast

Stella – The Word

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