pepperforsilasI’m a production coordinator and an occasional audio engineer at Lucky Dog Audio Post. When not seated at work in my white Herman Miller SAYL chair, I can usually be found on the saddle of my trusty steed, a blue and grey Trek 2.1 named “Hattie” a white Trek Madone 4.7 c named “Madone Louise Ciccone.” I live in Little Rock, AR with my three wonderful children and one amazing wife. For many years I played guitar in bands both in Nashville, TN and here in my adopted hometown. I enjoy listening to music and my tastes lean towards the experimental and obscure. That said, I am an avid follower of WIRE magazine, especially their Below the Radar series. Music aside, I also am interested in Kombucha and have been brewing and bottling my own teas for two years.

I got the nickname Red Chuck from a friend nicknamed Preach. It refers to an incident when I confronted a man who confronted my dog Lucky in front of my then pregnant wife Katherine. There was a lot of finger pointing and shouting. Mainly by me. Which is very out of character. “Mellow Libra” could be a good description of my disposition. I tend to be more passive than aggressive and try to never mix the two.

My aim in maintaining this blog is to archive family events and to publish any stray music I may create. This will undoubtedly be a place for my thoughts on cycling as well.

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