John Wayne Grill Cloth + Are You OK?

One of my favorite bands was in the studio this week, local art-punk luminaries the Rockin Guys. These guys are big on stage design. They usually play in front of velvet paintings and oversized flags. They also decorate their instruments. They have a saxophone with a stuffed animal duct taped to it. And, as you can see, singer/guitarist Rockin Danny’s amp (a 1960’s black face Fender Pro Reverb) is covered with a John Wayne grill cloth.

Besides John Wayne, the Rockin guys also love effects pedals. Check out Rockin Robin’s massive array of boss pedals:

These guys do not mess around. They’re Dead Boys serious about their sonic assault. And obviously they’ve got some heavy artillery. Rockin Danny runs his vocals through an old Yamaha delay/sampler and recently added a ZVex fuss probe to his holster.

It goes without saying that these guys play LOUD.

While going through the roughs from last night I found this lil’ audio gem. I think after several takes, the drummer, Rockin Donald, got tuckered out. And it’s no wonder, he was playing like a Tasmanian devil on amphetamines. I should probably point out that Rockin Danny and Rockin Donald are brothers so the chiding you are about to hear is part of a brotherly understanding. But overall my favorite actor in this little audio drama is Jason, the engineer. Enjoy:

Are You OK?