BDB100 2018

BDB100 2018


•Training: The “Survive the Gran Fondo” Training Peaks training plan was perfect for this IMHO. That said, my posse did all of the Sunday long rides out west on the hills along the course.

•Electrolytes: Temps were near perfect this year (low 60s). I barely broke a sweat BUT I still should have been taking on electrolytes earlier in the day. 6.5 hours is a loooong time in the saddle. Next year I want to make sure I am fueling better. I never cramped or bonked on this ride but I could feel the need for feed!

•Endurance Pace: The mantra for this BDB was “Take it leisurely. You’re in for a long day.” And take it leisurely we did. I was spinning zone 1 watts for most of the first 2 hours. Stats on the day put me at 209 minutes HR z2. That’s over 50% of the ride in the endurance zone. I think this is why I PRed the Wye climb this year. Every other attempt at that climb has just about killed me in the past.

***RIDE WITH FRIENDS*** Best part of this whole day was riding with cool people! Got to spend the day with training partners as well as Strava friends. BEST. BDB100 EVAH!